Dark Legacy of Evard

10. Saint Avarthil's Crypt

7/13/11: Brendan jumped in and ran his character, Noah

Anyxia the DarkBringer
- Shade Mage
E'sprite - Eladrin Assassin
Klott - Dwarf Warpiest
Krephyx - Dragonborn Slayer
Noah Eibon - I don't "Noah"!
Waillin - Dragonborn Fighter

Morning came and Duponde again returned to the Prime Material Plane. The heroes slept and then met with Grimbold. He told them his guards had fought skeletons who wore robes connected to Saint Avarthil's Monastery. He asked the heroes to head there and see if that could be where Nathaire/Vontarin was lurking.

They found an entrance to the Monastery's crypts and entered. Dark ones and a band of skeletons lurked below, and attacked! Klott dropped a skeleton as another one cut the dwarf. A dark one took aim and fired a dark bolt into ESprite's chest. Another shot him in the side. Klott cast Death Surge and destroyed four skeletons!

Netochka made her way up to a blazing skeleton and sliced it. E'Sprite teleported to the other blazing skeleton, wrapped his garrotte around it's neckbone and tried to snap off its' head!. Krephyx dropped the last minion skeleton, leaving just the two dark ones and the two blazing skeletons.

A flame skeleton launched off a fireball at Klott and badly injured the dwarf (with a critical).  Noah fired off a spell at a dark one. The hex knight dark ones drew blades and sliced Noah, Waillin and Klott. Waillin swung back, and killed a dark one. It exploded in a black blinding cloud. Noah, blind, stopped to heal a nasty wound.

E'Sprite snapped off the skeletons head, and the heroes dropped the other too. Neto tracked down the other dark one and stabbed him in the back of the head, killing him (with a critical!).

With the guardians out of the way, the heroes searched the crypt. They found gold, silver, and a magic amulet of health. But there was no sign of Nathaire/Vontarin. They headed up above to search the grounds of the abbey.

11. Abbey Grounds

7/20/11: Almost done!

Anyxia the DarkBringer - Shade Mage
E'sprite - Eladrin Assassin
Klott - Dwarf Warpiest
Krephyx - Dragonborn Slayer
Netochka Nezvanova - Elf Rogue
Waillin - Dragonborn Fighter


The grounds were vast and over-run with vines. As day turned to night and The Shadowfell loomed, the heroes came upon a defiled shrine. More of Vontarin's allies lurked here - Two dark ones, two tar devils and two leeching shadows!

The heroes crept up on them without being noticed. The dark ones were in buildings behind arrow slits, while the tar devils stood out in the open as guards. The leeching shadows lurked by some trees..

Neto cut down a shadow before it could infect the heroes. Krephyx took down the other. E'Sprite ran forward and stabbed a tar devil. Klott followed up and cast a lightning spell that staggered the tar devil. E'Sprite then finished it off by strangling it to death. He quickly ducked into the shadows.

Krephyx and Neto killed the other tar devil as the dark one shadow bolters finally got their wits about them. They fired black bolts through the arrow slits, hitting Netochka and Krephyx. Klott was hit in the chest, too.

Netochka and E'Sprite made their way to the back door of the room a dark one was in. They burst through and began stabbing him, blood spraying everywhere. E'Sprite strangled him from behind, and Netochka stabbed the dark one in the heart, killing it. E'Sprite said, "It's a team work!". It exploded in black mist, blinding them.

Blind, E'Sprite calmly felt his way out of the room and over to the other dark one. He burst in the back door and, still blind, strangled it to death. When his allies caught up to him, they saw him standing over the corpse. He said, "What can I say? I'm good in the dark."

The heroes found some gold and a lifedrinker sword.

Night fell, and The monastery shifted into The Shadowfell. A new building appeared - a black library. The heroes could sense that Nathaire/Vontarin was near....

12. The Black Library

7/27/11: This is John Z's last session as he's heading off to college. Thanks for playing and good luck!

Anyxia the DarkBringer - Shade Mage
E'sprite - Eladrin Assassin
Klott - Dwarf Warpiest
Krephyx - Dragonborn Slayer
Netochka Nezvanova - Elf Rogue
Waillin - Dragonborn Fighter


 The black library loomed. E'Sprite and Netochka crept close to scout around. The front door was jammed shut and would be difficult to open. There were windows, but they were on the second floor.

The heroes decided to try climbing up and coming in the windows. The heroes gathered on the side of the library. Twenty feet up was a window. Krephyx and Netochka climbed the wall. Krephyx squeezed through the small window as Netochka attached and lowered a rope.

Krephyx did not expect to see Nathaire/Vontarin standing there, angry. He froze. A purple crystal orb swirled with weird energy in a holster on his hip.

Nathaire/Vontarin said, "That's far enough. You must be one of the ones my spies told me about." His voice vibrated, two voices combined.

The other heroes climbed up and in. Save for Klott, who was having serious trouble climbing the rope.

As the adventurers slipped in the room, Nathaire/Vontarin grew furious. "Death has no hold over me, you fools! Slay this body if you think you can! I'll soon find another!"

A dark one shadow bolter lurked on the far side of the room, taking aim in between the bookshelves of the library. From below, four dusk beasts scrambled up the stairs, barking, ready to rend the limbs of the intruders.

Netochka stabbed a dusk beast. E'Sprite was tripped by one of the beasts' spiked tails. Anyxia cast a Bring the Darkness spell, hindering the dusk beasts. The beasts surrounded and bit him. He wrapped his garrote around both heads of one of the two-headed beasts, and strangled it. Krephyx killed it with a slash and then turned and mortally wounded another.

Klott made his way up the rope but got stuck int he window! He shouted in frustration. Some said "It's a library! Be quiet".

While the others dealt with the dusk beasts, Waillin did battle with Nathaire/Vontarin. As he dueled the villain, the dark one pelted him with black bolts. It wasn't long before the fighter was bloodied. Waillin returned the favor, causing a bloody wound on Nathaire's shoulder.

From the window, Klott cast a healing spell on E'Sprite, and then tried to get himself through the window. The poor dwarf struggled, then lost his grip and fell to the ground outside!

Waillin and Nathaire backed away from each other as the dark one continued to fire on Waillin. Netochka raced forward and engaged Nathaire.

Anyxia climbed on a bookshelf so she could better take aim at their enemies. She cast a spell, trapping Nathaire in a necrotic zone.

Krephyx killed another dusk beast, and then saw the dark one firing away at Waillin. Krephyx charged the dark one and hacked into him.,

Outside, Klott tried to climb the rope, but was having great difficulty. At last he got up to the window, and was able to squeeze through!

Neto got the better of Nathaire in their duel. She stabbed him and then said "Take a nap" and punched him in the side of the head, knocking him unconscious.

The adventurers finished off the dark one and the remaining dusk beast. They found gold, a magic rod, and magic armor on Nathaire. They also took a look at the weird crystal orb he had....