Dark Legacy of Evard

13. Soul of Darkness

8/3/11: Tom had to work, so we had a quartet tonight for the final session of Evard. Next up will be Neverwinter. And we've decided to play the evard sequel and dungeon crawl classics on alternating weeks. I was worried that the encounter would be too difficult for them...

Anyxia the DarkBringer - Shade Mage
E'sprite - Eladrin Assassin
Klott - Dwarf Warpiest
Netochka Nezvanova - Elf Rogue


Nathaire was unconscious. A weird purple orb swirled in his holster. Klott picked up the orb. He peered in and saw the wrinkled face of a blad man with a goatee looking at him. His eyes were inky black. "Let me share your body for a time. I can grant you great power! You have only to carry me with you until I find another host. Draw me forth from this orb, I command you!".

Klott said, "Yeah, that's not gonna happen. Sorry, man. You're dead. You should be with the Raven Queen."

"But I can grant you great power!"

"I already have great power."

E'Sprite said, "Hey ghost. Are you Vontarin?"

"Yes! I am Vontarin! And I command you to let me enter your body!"

"Me?!", asked E'Sprite. "No way!".

"I want to be inside of you!"

The heroes laughed.

Anyxia gestured to her three undead kids and offered to let him possess one of them. Vontarin was not too thrilled with the idea.

Anyxia asked him why and how he sent Duponde into the Shadowfell. He explained that it was Evard's curse that did that. The other part of the curse was that Nathaire/Vontarin were stuck in the Shadowfell! That's why it was so hard to find him. His minions would shift back and forth between the planes, but he could not.

Klott thought for a moment and realized that if he were to get Vontarin's soul back into its' corpse in the crypt, it could end Evard's curse. E'Sprite was also certain that Vontarin was saying whatever he thought they wanted to hear.

Vontarin thought it humorous that Duponde was shifting. Anyxia agreed. "It is hilarious", she said.

He said, "Why don't you let me enter you?".

"I've heard that line before", she said. She pointed a thumb at E'Sprite, "He's said that line before."

The adventurers made their way to Evard's tomb in Duponde. At this point, they understood that it wasn't really Evard's tomb at all, it was a place where Evard had buried his enemy, Vontarin, and faked his own death.

They stood at the entrance of the tomb. Klott held the orb and began the ritual. Netochka kind of faked her way along, and Anyxia began to draw Vontarin's soul out of the orb. E'Sprite carefully pierced the orb, but saw Vontarin's spirit leaking out, trying to escape! Klott tried to force him back in with a prayer, to no avail. Anyxia tried to hold him back with her arcana as Netochka tried to stab it again to force the spirit to leak into the corpse. But instead, Vontarin exploded out of the orb...

The sky grew dark and the wind rose in wild gusts. Vontarin the mad ghost swirled and formed near a tree behind them. He used his magic to call forth two zombies from their graves and animated tree roots into hideous walking blights.

"I shall not return to death", he screamed in fury. "I'll destroy you all for this!".

Vontarin's minions closed in. Anyxia cast a spell, causing fear in two of the three blights. One blight wrapped its' roots around Netochka and squeezed. Vontarin cast an Enervation spell on E'Sprite.

Netochka slipped out of the roots, and E'Sprite teleported next to Vontarin and knocked the ghost to the ground.

Anyxia cast another spell on the blights and on of the two zombies. Her Bring the Darkness Spell pierced the hide of one of the blights. Anyxia followed up with Spirit Rend, which devastated the monsters and injured them greatly. The flesh-crazed zombie ran from Anyxia in fear.

It then turned and charged Netochka. Klott was charged by the other and then swiped at by a blight. Klott knocked the zombie back with his hammer.

E'Sprite wrapped his garrotte around Vontarin's neck, but found it difficult to strangle a ghost. Its' insubstantial nature made it difficult to harm.

Netochka killed a blight, which allowed Anyxia to use its' soul as a kind of protective armor around Netochka. Klott used the death to fuel his Death Surge spell, injuring all of the blights and zombies with a powerful burst.

Anyxia hid behind a statue and began to fire off magic missiles. She killed a blight with a beam.

A zombie bit Netochka, dazing her as Vontarin forced E'Sprite away and next to a blight. Klott closed in on the ghost, and infused his hammer with radiance. He struck the ghost, and the radiance turned Vontarin into a physical form! The heroes now had an opening to kill Vontarin.

"Still want to be inside my body?", Klott asked as E'Sprite crept around and behind the bewildered spellcaster. Before Vontarin could respond, E'Sprite strangled him to death.

The creatures began to fade and lose their power. The heroes killed them off before they could do so.

Vontarin's spirit returned to his corpse. The cure ended. Duponde and the surrounding area left the Shadowfell and returned to the World of Nyrod for good.

To the heroes' dismay, there was no treasure. But Duponde's citizens were extremely grateful to the party and were treated as saviors of the town.

The heroes were glad to have helped, but they still had an invitation to deliver....