Dark Legacy of Evard

16. The Shadow Stone

9/21/11: With DCC done, we're back to the Evard sequel.. 

Anyxia the DarkBringer - Shade Mage
E'sprite - Eladrin Assassin
Klott - Dwarf Warpiest
Netochka Nezvanova - Elf Rogue

The heroes were making their way through the ruined mansion of Evard, near the town of Duponde. Mother Grivelda had told them that a shadow of Evard was trying to suck the region into the Shadowfell. The place was infested with creatures. The heroes had survived a tough battle in the garden, and were preparing to jump the bandits in the room containing the strange Shadow Stone...

The heroes decided to try to surprise the bandits.  Anyxia and Klott set up by the door. Netochka and E'Sprite snuck outside and lurked by the windows. Then E'Sprite crashed through the window and shouted "Sur'preez'ay!". He rushed a pair of bandits and stabbed one. E'Sprite began to strangle him. He fired off one last crossbow bolt into the assassin, and then he perished. E'Sprite rubbed himself all over and teleported back outside. For just a fraction of a second, he appeared to have no clothes on. 

Klott burst through the door and killed one of the bandits with a blow to the head. Anyxia cast a cordon of bones spell, killing two more. Netochka burst through another window and killed another of the bandits. 

Anyxia dropped another with a magic missile. The heroes closed in on the leader of the bandits, and enigma of Vecna. He fired off a lightning bolt at Klott. The heroes surrounded and pummeled the enigma. Suddenly, his skin came flying off and he became a hideous abomination with long bone claws.

E'Sprite came up behind him and began strangling him, thrusting his codpiece into the thing's back. Klott hit him, and Netochka tumbled over and delivered the killing blow. She flipped her hair and pointed at the last surviving bandit. The bandit surrendered, and E'Sprite sort of hit on him. The bandit, it turned out, was open to that. He followed the god of secrets for a reason. 

The heroes took a long rest, sleeping and bandaging their wounds. Then they examined the shadow stone. Anyxia could tell that it could shift them to the Shadowfell. 

Anyxia infused it with power, and Klott channeled the Raven Queen's energy into it. Netochka matched it's runes, and then E'Sprite began to coax it to life... Suddenly, they were in the Shadowfell version of the mansion. Instantly, Evard's back tentacles rose up from the floor and attacked! Dark Ones in the room shouted with alarm and moved to slay the intruders.

E'Sprite and Anyxia were grabbed by the tentacles. Two dark ones flanked and stabbed Klott. Anyxia slipped free of the tentacles. E'Sprite teleported away from the tentacles and appeared outside the window of the room. Netochka ran up to a dark one with pure fury and stabbed it bloody. Then she paused, looking most dangerous.

E'Sprite crept back into the room as the battle raged. He slipped into an adjoining room and  began strangling a dark one who was holding a crossbow. The dark one fired a black bolt into E'Sprite's chiseled abs as blood began to pour from his mouth. E'Sprite said, "I see that I have made you all wet!". Then he finished off the dark one and hid, looking for his next victim.

The heroes made quick work of the dark ones. Anyxia allowed her three goblin undead children finish off the last one. They hung, stabbed, and slapped him with a severed arm until he died.

The adventurers paused to heal. They could sense that Evard's Shadow was near...