Dark Legacy of Evard

7. Fell Designs

6/22/11: We went through this and then leveled up the Dungeon Crawl characters...

Anyxia the DarkBringer - Shade Mage
Esprit'e - Eladrin Assassin
Klott - Dwarf Warpiest
Netochka Nezvanova - Elf Rogue
Waillin - Dragonborn Blackguard


The adventurers were on the trail of Vontarin, who had possessed the wizard Nathaire. They were in Vontarin's old manor and found tieflings there. They took down the tieflings on the main floor and headed down into the basement, which was something of a dungeon complex...

Waillin led the way down. As he made his way into the hall below, a trapped imp statue exploded with fire and injured Waillin and a few others. They disabled the statue for five minutes, leaning a piece of stone on  he glyph, and pressed on. 

They made their way through a room with holes in the floors. In there, they found a few boxes and jugs. There was wine, ale, food and lots of clothing. All sorts of clothes - boots, tunics, fingerless gloves, fingered gloves, chaps, hats, even a wedding dress. Anyxia took some assless chaps and got some hats for her undead "children".

They came to a hallway full of purple fog. The fog was a remnant of an ancient trap of Vontarin's that no longer operated properly.

The hall ended in two doors. One had a shattered seal of Clarissa, goddess of fire and battle, on it. Pieces of the seal were charged with energy. The heroes picked them up and were blessed by Clarissa (gaining five temporary hit points). They tried the left, and found a band of tieflings lurking in a room full of empty cages! The tieflings gave a shout and attacked.

One tiefling blackheart turned herself into smoke and advanced on the heroes. The rest of the ruffians raised their clubs and charged. Netochka rolled past one and stabbed it in the neck, killing it. Waillin cut down another, as did Esprit'e and Anyxia. Esprit'e teleported to the far side of the band of tieflings.

The smoke re-formed into the tiefling, who swiped into Netochka with her sickle (2d6+14!). Netochka was bleeding and hurt very badly. Waillin stepped up and swiped the tiefling, bloodying her. Klott struck her, and she hit him with a fire blast in response.

More tieflings joined the battle from other rooms. There were a band of ruffians, another blackheart, and a hellmage wielding a magic staff. Anyxia was lurking in the purple cloud. She cast twilight falls, killing two, and then corrupted the walls so that skeletal hands reached out at the tieflings, slowing their advance.

The newer blackheart arrived in smoke-form. It became tangible, and slashed into Klott (for 21 points!). The first blackheart perished from a wound caused by Waillin. The hellmage hit Klott with a fire spell. The dwarf was in great danger. 

Esprit'e teleported near the new blackheart and strangled it to death. The hellmage decided to make a run for it! He ran through the purple cloud as the heroes gave chase. Klott remained to kill the last ruffian. 

The hellmage ran by the statue. Esprit'e flung a dagger at the stone on the glyph, triggering the trap. The explosion nearly killed the hellmage. Anyxia fired off a magic missile, killing the hellmage just as it was about to escape up the stairs. Anyxia claimed his staff.

The adventurers scoured the place and found some gold and magic black iron armor. Waillin took the armor. There was no sign of Vontarin. The heroes prepared for nightfall...