Dark Legacy of Evard

8. Lonely Death

6/30/11: Matt brought brownies, we had a sweaty time...

Anyxia the DarkBringer - Shade Mage
Esprit'e - Eladrin Assassin
Klott - Dwarf Warpiest
Netochka Nezvanova - Elf Rogue
Waillin - Dragonborn Blackguard

The adventurers made their way back to Duponde. Their investigation of Vontarin's old manor had turned up nothing. It was nearing nightfall. The heroes asked around town, looking for any clues of where Nathaire might be. Marshal Grimbold approached the heroes, and asked them for help. As it was almost nightfall, the town would again slide into the shadowfell.

Grimbold asked them to guard the armory over night. Many citizens planned on hiding in there to survive. The heroes agreed to do so.

In the armory were indeed many citizens, including Colverslyne, Madora and Arkavyn. Shortly after it became dark, the sense of gloom and despair returned. Then it began to rain blood. Anyxia's 'children' cheered and ran out inn the rain, dancing around. The heroes stepped out to look around. Above the doorway, a noose appeared. A corpse made of translucent purple necrotic energy appeared and said "Greetings from The Raven Queen". Klott nodded to it - The Raven Queen was his deity.

Tilda and the others from the Old Owl Inn came running. They had cuts all over them. Klott healed them up. They explained that "giant rats" were in the Old Owl. The heroes decided to go check it out.

They made their way through the rain to the Old Owl. Netochka and E'Sprite crept up to the windows to look in. There were indeed "giant rats" there - wererats in hybrid form! The heroes quietly crept around the building, and then made a surprise attack.

During the battle, Anyxia's kids Scab, Noose and Murderface had the silver knives found at the manor. They'd team up with a hero to stab a wererat, the silver preventing the creatures from regenerating.

Wiallin bashed in the front door and charged a wererat. Netochka handsprung through a window and stabbed a wererat in the chest, blood spraying everywhere. The wererat and a close ally flanked Netochka and stabbed her, causing a nasty bloody wound.

E'Sprite crept in, hid behind a corner and planned his assault. Then he sprung from the shadows and choked one of Netochka's foes as Murderface stabbed it to death. "Mommy look at me!" yelled the little undead fellow as he weakly stabbed random wererat parts.

Anyxia praised the lad as she created a twilight zone from beyond the window.

Klott healed Netochka and teamed up with Scab, pummeling a wererat. The wererat assumed rat form and raced over to flank Waillin. E'Sprite strangled another wererat to death.

Klott blasted the rat with cold and necrotic energy. E'Sprite watched Netochka carve up the last wererat. E'Sprite commended her on her lack of scruples. "What's a scruple?", asked Noose.

The Old Owl was secure. The heroes healed up and prepared to make their way back to the armory.